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 |[[news:​archive|News Archive]]| |[[news:​archive|News Archive]]|
 \\ \\
 +=====Star Mine Shaft=====
 +It has been reported that the P-hangers in the concrete capping have been vandalised. They should be considered unsafe and must not be used. The shaft should be rigged using natural belays such as nearby trees (approx 10m away). If anyone has any information about who caused the damage please let us know. In view of the vandalism there are no immediate plans to replace the hangers.\\
 +It is possible that there has also been some movement at the bottom of the shaft along with some areas are of suspect stability so appropriate care should be taken. If anyone is familiar with the shaft and can confirm if there has been any movement please let us know.\\
 +Thanks to Jim Maillardet for informing us of the above. ​
 +Jim also reported that two of the wooden ladders at the bottom have now totally disintegrated.\\
 +Graham Price\\
 =====Hunters Lodge Inn Sink Open===== =====Hunters Lodge Inn Sink Open=====
 \\ \\
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